How to Put a Commercial Investment Property for Sale

retail propertyIf you are a landlord, an investor or a company who wishes to put a commercial investment property for sale, here are some tips from on how to do just about that! Now grab your pen and paper. Take down notes and let’s get started!

  • Prep up your property.

You can never leave the space looking dull, dirty and deranged. You have to make the necessary repairs. Clean up the front lawn as much as the building. Change up broken windows, fixtures and lighting as needed. Add a fresh coat of paint, preferably white or beige, should the old one be peeling off or if the wallpaper has gotten bad. Even if the space is quite barren and you’d only see walls upon floors, cleanliness is crucial because no buyer will want to purchase something that doesn’t look functional.

  • Have it examined and valued.

Hire a chartered building and property surveyor to assess the asset. Have them determine its remaining useful life, current market value, salvage value if any, structural condition and all other relevant information that prospect buyers are likely going to inquire about. Plus, all of these should help you in determining the asking price on the commercial asset.

  • Determine your target market.

Who are likely to want to buy the property? Different types of asset depending on their combined features are likely to attract or interest a certain group or groups of investors. It is your job to find out who these might be and get to know them. You must have knowledge about the likes, preferences and profile of your market to better target your property towards them and negotiate a sale.

  • Choose your marketing strategy.

You have to market and advertise your commercial investment property for sale. If you don’t then there are fewer chances for buyers to know about it. No matter how great it is or how attractive your asking price is, if people do not know that it is for sale then they won’t be knocking on your doorstep to buy it.

  • Schedule property visits.

When prospect buyers come forward, be sure to give them a little tour to the property. This is why the first item on this list is very important. Now read that again.

  • Fix the papers.

Lastly, be sure to fix all documentary and legal requirements necessary to validate a commercial investment property for sale like titles, contracts and the like.

B1 Exam Pointers and Guidelines

b1-examWhen it comes to exams, the United Kingdom has them on especially if you are planning to reside indefinitely or if you plan to apply for a citizenship. There are two main tests that one has to pass in order to get an Indefinite Leave to Remain or a British naturalization. One has something to do with assessing your knowledge about British life while the other tests your skills when it comes to the language in which case you have the B1 exam. Given the importance of it, you’re sure to take it seriously. Worry not as we’ve got your back with the following pointers.

Bur before we proceed to the said pointers, what does the B1 exam contain? What is it about? As mentioned earlier, it aims to examine one’s knowledge, skill and basic command in the use of English in two aspects and that is speaking and listening. It thus is composed of two parts and will require the examinee to interact and converse with the examiner. Now let’s proceed to out list of tips.

Speak clearly. See to it that you talk in a normal pace, not too fast or too slow. Besides, you’ll have to catch your breath too. This should also help the examiner gauge your pronunciation and diction better. You do not want to sound like a mumbo-jumbo of meaningless noise.

Do think before you speak. In fact, think in English and not in your mother tongue. This will enable you to answer the questions better. Plus, it will engage your mind with the topic being discussed.

When you miss something, do not hesitate to ask. There will be cases when you might fail to grasp what the examinee has said or you’re unsure of what they meant. If that is the case, go ahead and ask. Do not pretend that you completely understand even if you don’t. You risk giving out unrelated answers and that will make you look worse.

Pry your ears open and focus. Avoid having your mind drift off to faraway places. Focus on the here and now which is your test. The B1 exam is testing your ability in the use of English and if your mind is somewhere else, you won’t be able to give what the exam requires of you.

Shake your nerves away. Many people feel anxious when taking the B1 exam. News flash, we all do and this is not only true for the B1 but for any other exam out there. Do not let those nerves bother you and get in the way.