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english-reviewExams are not only held for educational or employment purposes. These also form part of visa requirements in most countries around the world. The United Kingdom for example requires its visa applicants to pass one if not several of these to be allowed entrance. But we all know that passing is not as easy as breathing but worry not because the experts here at Mike Dammann Academy will give you a series of tips and tricks to help you ace them.

There are several examinations that form part of the UK’s visa application process. Among others we have the B1 Citizenship Exam, the A1 Spouse Visa Test, the Life in the UK Test and the Secure English Language Tests (e.g. Integrated Skills in English, Graded Examinations in Spoken English, International English Language Testing System and International English Language Testing System Life Skills). The type that an applicant is required to take will depend on the circumstances at hand and will heavily rely on the purpose of the visa application.

Mike Dammann Academy and its team of professionals are here to help you. We will assist you in understanding and getting to know these exams and the manner in which they are structured. We will provide you with tips on studying and preparation. We will guide you in the booking process and dish out several pro tricks on how to ace them and finally get your visa approved.