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Property Investment Facts You’d Never Believe Were True

red doorSome people think that the topic on property investment is either complicated or boring. We beg to disagree and today we’re giving everyone a rundown of cool and perhaps weird facts you’d never believe were true. Are you ready?

  • Some doorknobs can clean themselves. No kidding! But they have to be brass. The metal possesses a certain characteristic that creates the oligodynamic effect which means that they repel and kill off certain types of bacteria, fungi and spores. Silver and gold does the same but brass, in our opinion, is the most cost effective of the bunch.
  • Bubble wrap is actually a type of wallpaper. Inventors Al Fielding and Marc Chavannes wanted to introduce a textured wall paper to the market in 1957 but it didn’t do so well. The good thing is it was apparently perfect for protecting fragile items while in storage or in transit. Plus, they make for a great anxiety relief. What a complete turnaround right?
  • Red doors mean different things. Across cultures, painting the front door red can mean anything from pleasant to scary. For the Jews and Christians, it signifies protection as when the first born sons were spared from the angel of death in the Old Testament because of it. For the Chinese, it’s a good luck symbol. In Scotland however, it means that the property investment is finally mortgage free.
  • Housewarming parties got its name literally. In the earlier days, people would bring firewood to the family during their first day of moving in. It keeps them warm plus the light is said to ward off omen and spirits away.
  • Disclose haunted activities. Believe it or not, that’s a thing in New York real estate. Sellers are legally compelled to disclose if the property investment is believed to be haunted by ghosts or any paranormal activity. What’s more surprising is that this does not put off a lot of people but attracts them even more.
  • There’s an island called “Just Enough Room”. Located in Alexandra Bay in New York, this tiny island is so small that it can only literally fit a tiny house and a tree. The Sizeland family was looking for a place to turn into a holiday getaway during the ‘50s. The place was perfect and meets the criteria to be called an island and for property investment construction to commence which includes a dimension that must be larger than one square foot, it must remain above the water level year round, and it must sustain at least one tree. Check!